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Oxford - Cambridge

19. 9. 2015
Cynthia Sandor, Peter Schrammel, charity ride of the British Heart Foundation
Wetter: sunny
Oxford,62m - Winslow, 121m - Great Brickhill, 165m - Woburn, 123m - Ampthill, 66m - Sandy, 28m - Cambridge, 18m
Höhenmeter: +1198/-1242
Weglänge: 145km
Zeitaufwand: 6 2/3h (2 + 1 + 1/2 + 1/2 + 1 + 1 2/3)
Bewertung: ***: still nice and varied doing it the second time
Kondition: H
Schwierigkeit: 0
Gefährlichkeit: 0
Frequentiertheit: c: mostly on calm country roads, some busy sections
Bemerkungen: bus transfer back to Oxford provided by British Heart Foundation
Like the previous year, my housemate, Cynthia, motivated me to do this bicycle trip. The big difference this time was that I had had knee surgery 5 months earlier. My physiotherapy had been progressing well so that I felt able to attempt this tour. Everything went well. Only in Sandy I had to take an unplanned pause, which was rather for lack of training rather than knee problems, though. We finished a bit slower than the year before, but nonetheless it was a big success for my recovery.