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ReaVer - Reactive System Verifier

ReaVer is a tool framework for safety verification of discrete and hybrid systems specified by logico-numerical data-flow languages, like Lustre, Lucid Synchrone or Zelus. It provides time-unbounded analysis based on abstract interpretation techniques.

It features partitioning techniques and logico-numerical analysis methods based on Kleene iteration with widening and descending iterations, abstract acceleration, max-strategy iteration, and relational abstractions; logico-numerical product and power domains (based on the APRON and BddApron domain libraries) with convex polyhedra, octagons, intervals, and template polyhedra; and frontends for the hybrid NBac format, Lustre via lus2nbac, and Zelus/Lucid Synchrone.

Documentation and benchmarks
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(Logico-numerical) abstract acceleration:
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Logico-numerical hybrid automata:
  • Peter Schrammel and Bertrand Jeannet. From Hybrid Data-Flow Languages to Hybrid Automata: A Complete Translation. In Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control, HSCC'12. pp. 167-176, ACM, 2012. [bibtex] [link]
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